Green Campus is a place where environmentally responsible practise and education go hand in hand and where environmentally responsible tenets are borne out by example. The green campus concept offers our instituion the oppertunity to take the lead in rethinking its environmental culture and developing new paradigms for solving problems that are local,national, and global in nature. Our College has eco-friendly green campus with teeming vegetation, dense trees and plants.

The College is functioning in multistoried buildings which is well designed and planned to accomodate various department, laboratories, class rooms etc. Classrooms are spacious and well arranged with necessory facilities including audio visual supports.

Main Block

Main block of the College is three storied building. Pricipal's Chamber, college office, central library, Computer lab, PG Dept of Commerce ,Dept of Management Studies, Dept of English, Dept of Mathematics, Dept of Languages and class room of this departments are accomodated in the main block.

Science Block

This is a two storied building. PG Dept of Physics, BSc Physics lab, MSc Physics Lab, Dept of Computer Science, Computer lab and respective class room of this departments are accomodated in this block.

There is a well stacked Computerized library in the college having books, Journals and publications on various subjects and languages. Special care is taken to add enough number of books based on new syllabus & curriculum each year. Library uses COHA, an Integrated Library Management System,for its in-house activities. This allows users to search a book Author wise, Title wise, Subject wise and keywords; review items checked out; determine return dates.
1. Library provides internet service to all its members. Newly added books are displayed in New Arrival Display Board near the entrance
2. College Identity card containing barcode is provided to the mem- bers and using this ID card and barcode reader member’s entry and exit is marked in the computer at the entrance of the library. All the books in the library are bar coded .The issue and return process is car- ried out at the circulation desk using the bar coded identity card issued to the users.
3. College has a digital library which contains e-books, e-journals and question papers of all previously conducted university examina- tions of the courses/programmes available in the Library.

Physics Lab

ITM College of Arts and Science have a well equipped Physics lab. Students can perform experiments related to almost all topics in Physics. Laboratory exercises reinforce the concepts of Physics taught in the theory classes.

Chemistry Lab

ITM College of Arts and Science have a well equipped chemistry laboratory with all the necessary equipment and facilities for students to perform experiments as part of their curriculum. The labs are spacious enough, and can be used for research purposes also.

Computer Lab

ITM College of Arts and Science have seperate computer lab for BCA and other Programmes. The computers are all connected to high-speed internet. In order to meet their educational needs, students are encouraged to utilize the facility to its fullest extent.

IT education is an integral part of curriculum nowadays. We are well aware of this. So the college has the most modern computer centre with sufficient number of computers and ample internet facilities.

SPORTS & GAMES Facilities have been provided for football, Volley- ball, Cricket, Khabadi, Ball-badminton, Shuttle Badminton, Table Tennis and Athletics. A sports council has been constituted to provide impe- tus to those students interested in sports and games.

Note books, text books, record books, stationery etc. are available at the Student Store at reasonable rate. Photo Copy facility is also available at the students store.

There are Separate hostels for Boys & Girls Students of the College should reside either in the College Hostel or with their parents. Principal is the Chief Warden of the Hostels.

ITM College of Arts and Science facilitates transportation facilities for students and staff to different locations from the campus with more than six buses.

ITM College of Arts and Science has fully furnished seminar hall with seating capacity for 300.

ITM College of Arts and Science has been arranged parking area for vehicles of students and staff in the campus separately. Entry of vehicles beyond that point is strictly prohibited.

Advanced canteen facility is available within the campus for students and staff. Canteen is working with atmost safety and quality. Students and staff can utilise canteen facility with affordable price.

ITM College of Arts and Science is a 24-hour Wi-Fi-enabled campus. Students can surf Internet for academic and professional requirements. College has a state-of-the-art computer lab where students can access the Internet for educational pursuits.

ITM College of Arts and Scienceprovides Entertainment for students by offering campus radio. It is run by the students with the guidance of faculties. Campus radio carry a variety of programming including news (often local), sports (often relating to the campus), and spoken word programming as well as general music.