Discipline and Conduct


1. Students should follow the dress code of the college except on Wednesdays.
2. On Wednesdays the students have to wear dresses which are normal and modest. T-Shirt, banian etc are not allowed.
3. Students shall always behave with dignity and courtesy.
4. When a teacher enters the class room the students shall rise up and remain standing until the teacher takes his / her seat or asks them to be seated.
5. As discipline is highly essential to the smooth working of the College, each and every student shall maintain it at any cost. Loitering in the corridors, causing disturbance in the class rooms and other un- desirable activities are strictly forbidden.
6. Absolute obedience is expected from every student. If anyone tries to defy the authority or the Principal or any teacher, disciplinary actions will be taken against them.
7. If any student violates the rules and regulations indicated above, the Principal has absolute authority to expel him/her from the College.
8. Student are forbidden from participating in any meeting or ag- itation directed against the Government or the College authorities.
9. No meetings, processions or entertainment shall be organize or any fund collected from the college or hostels without the written permission of the principal.
10. If any students is found guilty of indiscipline, such as organiz- ing demonstration or strikes, he / she will be immediately dismissed from the College.
11. No student shall disfigure the walls, windows or furniture by writing on them. If anyone damages or destroys the college property. He or she will have to pay the cost of repair. If necessary, common fine also will be imposed.
12. Every student is expected to take part in one or more of the games / extra curricular activities for which facilities are provided by the College.
13. The college magazine of the last academic year shall be dis- tributed before the notification for the College Union election. In Case it is not published before the date of elections notification, it can be released only after the College union elections.
14. Smoking, use of alcohol or intoxicating drinks and consump- tion of drugs by students are strictly prohibited.
15. The student should move silently when proceeding from one class room to another and at other times, so as not to disturb classes or others at work.
16. Every student should greet teachers respectfully on the occa- sion of his / her first meeting them for the day.
17. No student shall leave the class room or laboratory without the permissions of the teachers in charge.
18. The behavior of students both within and outside the College premises should be decent.
19. Bringing mobile phone, photo or video cameras by the stu- dents in the college campus is strictly prohibited.
20. The following are not allowed inside the College campus.
a) Publishing materials such as journals, magazine, booklets, notices etc... (except during the college union Election for canvassing votes) with out the prior written permission of the Principals.
b) Conducting meetings by the student organizations inside the college campus without the prior permission of the principal.
c) Bringing guests, student organization leaders or politicians from, outside for student organizational activities inside the College campus.
d) Displaying any publicity materials such as banners wall post- ers, notices etc, within the college campus.