Toppers of Commerce

Year & Batch Name of Student Achivement
2014 BCOM CANazneen Class Topper
2015 BCOM CADilna P Class Topper
2016 BCOM CASariga PC Class Topper
BCOM CO-OPVinaya P Class Topper
2017 BCOM CAZayana KBClass Topper
BCOM CO-OPMuhsina PTPClass Topper
2018 BCOM CARuhsana MClass Topper
BCOM CO-OPSree Raj PVClass Topper
BCOM FINKeerthana Mohanan TClass Topper
2019 BCOM CAAswini DhanishClass Topper
BCOM CO-OPAkshay CVClass Topper
BCOM FINSree Lakshmi CKClass Topper
Year Name of Student Achievemen
2014Navya KC Class Topper
2015 Sneha PK Class Topper
2016Deepika TK Class Topper
2017Sreesha P Class Topper
2018Saranya KKClass Topper
2019Sohil PKClass Topper