History of English Department

History of the English department dates back to the establishment of ITM College of Arts and Science itself (2003) In the beginning English department consisted of two faculty members. (Suma C.C and Madhusoodhanan). Mr. Madhusoodhanan was the first HOD of the department. At first the department provides only general classes. Gradually the department expanded with the inclusion of six permanent faculties and one guest faculty.When BA English programme started in 2013 the department became a major part of the institution. This department is lucky to have workaholic and dynamic faculties and through their tireless efforts we could illuminate the spectrum of wisdom. Our department adheres to professional integrity of the faculty members and follows a code of self imposed ethics and we strive to maintain the overall academic atmosphere of the college as well. Our first batch of students passed out from the college by 2015 with flying colours.

The Department of English aims for the holistic development of the students. The remarkable achievement of our department is in terms of successful graduates who are now serving the society in diverse capacities in various central ,state and private organizations.

Our Motto

“Success through Endeavour Excellence in diversity”